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Unlike other online mastering services that use automated software, we provide real mastering engineers with a wealth of experience and refined musical tastes. We have some of the most sought-after audio mastering equipment.


From freemasteringonline we aspire to sound an entire generation of underground bands as best we can. In addition to getting the best out of them so that they can participate and compete as equals with the best bands in the world, in the relevant media today like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Tidal, BandCamp…

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What is free mastering online?

Free mastering online is a website, where we combine the best of online services and the best of the human factor.

Once you’ve recorded all the parts of a song, you’ll need to mix and master them before you can distribute it. Mixing combines all of the disparate tracks into one audio file. Mastering applies a set of effects to the mixed audio, making it sound sonically coherent.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the last creative step in the audio production process, the bridge between mixing and replication-your last chance to enhance sound or repair problems in an acoustically-designed room-an audio microscope. Mastering engineers lend an objetive, experienced ear to your work. We are familiar with what can go wrong technically and aesthetically. Sometimes all we may do is- nothing! The simple act of approval means the mix is ready for pressing. Other times we may help you work on that problem song just couldn’t get right in the mix, or add the final touch that makes a record sound finished and playable on a wide variety on systems.

The mastering studio is the place where experience in the musical art is combined with the science of audio. but the dividing line between art and science is nebulous, and so i constantly tries to integrates the art and the science.

Technology changes so fast in today’s world:

For example, no one predicted that a rapid proliferation of digital cameras would threaten the once-mighty polaroid corp.

But old-fashioned craftsmanship and attention to detail will always be in demand. I hope that even fifty or one hundred years from today, mastering engineers will still be considered crafts persons. I hope that the artistic and procedural information provided herein will always be precious to students of the art of audio mastering.

Is mastering online possible?

Sure. This is our requirements.

All we require is a mix by you, the client, via our secure and easy to use upload page. It is of the upmost importance not to apply and compression or any limiters to the master track as this would hinder the mastering process, we ask our clients to leave on average -6/-3 db head room on the track as this facilitates the mastering process.

The file type we usually require is:  24bit/44.1khz or 48Khz .wav/.aiff .  Even though we prefer the files as we have stated above we will be able to accommodate your needs if you supply us with 16bit/ 44.1khz.

What types of online mastering service do we offer?

In our mastering studio we offer different subjective styles (vinyl, classic, modern, Lofi, EDM) giving color to the song using different audio processes.

This type of mastering is carried out by one of our engineers (lost tapes recordings), participating artistically in the final result of the song or album.

What chain of processes do we do in freemasteringonline?

We examine the track, correct residual mix problems, maximise it, and set the required amount of loudness to make it compatible with commercial releases.

  • Inspection for distortion, clipping, digital clicks
  • Fading in and out
  • Corrective equalisation
  • Compression with top quality analogue compression
  • Phase and mono compatibility check
  • Stereo/mono check for compatibility with: radio, club, car, laptop and earphones
  • Spatial enhancement
  • Limiting and loudness control
  • Sample rate conversion and dithering

This is our mastering gear in the studio

In our studio free online mastering web-site we have:

including the API 2500, Manley Vari Mu, Manley EQ, Solaris DA, revered Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, The Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus, Tube Tech HLT 2A, and Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR converters, amongst many others.

What is Stem mastering?

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss what is stem mastering and why is important. Basically, multiple stereo tracks that have consolidated instruments. For example, 5 stereo Wav files ‘Stems’ drums, bass guitar, all guitars, vocals, background vocals. Therefore, our engineer would then work with each individual stem adjusting frequencies and levels. In conclusion, to create a balanced mix.

When he has finished, they are combined and mastered to create a finished song. Since we have access to each separated group of instruments there are more options for the engineer to make adjustments and correct problems.

You can configure a mastering with Stems –> Here

Steps to Take Before Sending a Song for Stem Mastering Service:

  1. Label each individual Stem with a descriptive name. (Example: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals etc…) This can be done before or after exporting (bouncing) each track.
  2. Export each track from the beginning of the song so that all tracks start from the same position and are the exact same length.
  3. Our preferred exported file-format is a 24 bit .WAV or .AIF. (Do not apply dithering)
  4. After all the tracks are exported, add them to a folder, label the folder as the song name, and then compress the folder into a .ZIP or .RAR file.
  5. Upload the compressed .ZIP or .RAR folder.

Who are our clients in freemasteringonline?

Since we started the project, we decided to start collaborating with underground bands around the world.

For the moment we have worked with bands from countries like Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, SuthAfrica, Japan, Spain, U.K, Germany, France… And we would love to continue collaborating with artists from any part of the world.

Our commitment has been and is to offer cheap or even free prices to the local scene of bands from all over the world. Giving the opportunity to any music band the option of having a professional sound, without having to invest money in expensive studies.